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Lots of people dream of their own place, some where to call home, but how fun is it to actually live on your own ? 

Of course some people love their own company and there is nothing wrong with that but some people want to be around others. Social Living is exactly that, living in a social environment with other people who share similar likes and dislikes. Living with people who become friends and even behave like family. At Quirky Cribs our mission is to create high-end, multi-let, award-winning homes that promote social living.

we bring personality to our social living spaces. With 10 years’ festival experience, we’ve learnt that socialising, bright colours and quirkiness are some of the main reasons thou-sands of people visit festivals each year. The environment is designed to bring out the best in them, allowing them to make new friends and create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.


We grew up in a safe, family environment. Therefore, for us, it’s crucial that all Quirky Cribs homes give that same security to everyone who lives within them.

We want residents to walk through the door of their home and feel comforted and secure. Assuch, we only allow people with shared values to occupy our properties. Likeminded people living together make a home harmonious, and a great place for our tenants to live.

We also always ensure that our homes’ high quality is well-maintained. If something needs to be fixed, we’ll get it done, and we always implement top-of-the-range security to make sure the home and our tenants’ belongings are safe.

Our creators have a retail background, so we understand it’s essential to treat customers well. However, at Quirky Cribs, our tenants are more than just customers. They’re members, and we hugely value their thoughts, ideas and input. It’s how we make sure we’re creating only the best social living spaces.

Member value for money is our priority. We provide only the best available services, from premium broadband and Netflix subscriptions to large LCD TVs, comfortable beds and quirky furniture. We even have a fortnightly cleaner to come and clean all communal spaces to keep everything spick and span.

All Quirky Cribs properties have British Gas Homecare maintenance cover, making sure that any repairs are completed quickly by qualified professionals.

With a combined 38 years in business, we understand longevity is key. We know we need to look at the bigger picture and build long-term relationships between our investors and members.

Therefore, transparency is essential. We’ll have regular meetings with our members to encourage ideas, discuss new ways to improve our services, and iron-out any concerns. We also like to keep in touch with you, our investors, giving you updates on new projects and sharing great ideas.


What exactly is Social Living ?

Many of Britain’s pubs, socials clubs and social spaces have closed. Coupled with the rise of people glued to their phones and screens, social living is becoming a thing of the past. At Quirky Cribs, we understand how important it is to bring human interaction back into people’s lives.

What beer way to do that than create a social living environment? When friends live together in a home with shared spaces to socialise, naturally they’ll interact. It might be something as simple as eating a bowl of cereal together in the morning and chatting about the day ahead. Our vision is people living together and creating a caring, family environment.

A typical social living home could have from 4 to 10 residents. To promote socialising, each Quirky Cribs member will have access to a Netflix subscription and 24/7 super-fast broadband, encouraging them to hang out together.



We create impressive, premium social living environments to be proud of. We focus In creating properties that are beautifully-balanced with a touch of quirkiness.


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